The MG102C is a compact mixer with 8 total input channels: four mono and four stereo line inputs. Mono inputs have switchable 48V phantom power. Stereo inputs can accept either RCA or ¼" connectors. Channels 1 and 2 offer single-knob compression, a Yamaha exclusive. This feature, designed for easy use, allows inputs with very wide dynamics to be better heard. For example, with the right amount of compression, a vocal that must be whispered in quiet parts and screamed out in louder parts will be better balanced in the mix. Dual 8-segment LED meters allow visual monitoring of the main stereo outputs. Its small footprint allows easy placement






The MG mixers offer an extraordinary blend of technology: some inherited from professional Yamaha mixing consoles you're likely to see in distinguished halls throughout the world, and some developed specifically to deliver optimum performance in the MG-console format. In either case these performance-packed mixers are founded on a world-spanning network of human and technological resources that crystallize to deliver features that really matter, and sound that is undeniably superior.


  • 16 input channels
  • Input gain trim
  • 10 Mics + 4 Stereo line inputs
  • High Quality mic preamp
  • 8 insert I/O
  • Phantom power switch (+ 48V)
  • 6 compressors




  • 20 input channels
  •  High-quality mic preamps
  • 16 mic inputs, four stereo line inputs
  •  HPF
  • 12 insert I/O
  • Eight compressors
  •  Phantom power switch (+ 48V)

The MG124CX is a lightweight and portable stereo effects mixer that offers 12 channels, four buses, and a wealth of advanced features. It features pre/post switchable AUX sends on all channels as well as EFFECT send controls that adjust the level of the signal sent to the mixer's internal multi-effect system. The MG124CX is small and light enough (only 2.9 kilograms) to be tucked under an arm and set up just about anywhere.


YAMAHA MG32 14fx

The Yamaha MG32/14FX 32-Input 14 Bus Mixer with DSP Effects represents a completely no-compromise approach to PA. It's built for great sound, total control, and superior reliability and goes through the same rigorous quality and reliability tests as Yamaha's world-class PM-series mixing consoles. By taking full advantage of the latest technology and manufacturing techniques, Yamaha has been able to pack this superlative mixer with more value than you'll find anywhere else. In short, the MG32/14FX offers extraordinary performance and mixing power at remarkable prices.





YAMAHA MG32 14fx

The MG32/14FX has 24 mono microphone/line channels and four stereo line channels in addition to the mono mic/line channels. All 24 mic preamps in the MG32/14FX are of exemplary quality. They offer low-noise, transparent amplification with the widest possible range of dynamic and condenser microphones, which adds up to cleaner, better-sounding mixes. All mic preamps feature switchable phantom power for phantom-powered studio condenser microphones. Phantom power is switchable in 8-channel groups.