About Us


Tropical sound and music is one of most marveled shops in town. Every artist in town must have paid a visit to the shop by now. It must be the unrivalled quality that making shockewaves...

Tropical Sound & Music Distributors

Tropical Sound & Music is a comprehensive music centre, combining music lessons of the highest standard, sales and distribution of combo musical instruments, live band supply, as well as instrument repair and maintenance. It is a place for music students, teachers, professionals and other music lovers because of our fine instruments, professional services and great selection of music products.

Our Customers
Tropical Sound & Music is a professional music centre for everyone. Our regular customers include professional musicians, every major recording and jamming studio, broadcast companies, project studios, music equipment rental Company, producers, composers, corporate, educational and religious institutions, and government agencies.
Our Major Brands
At Tropical Sound & Music, you'll find major brands of drums, percussions, guitars, amplifiers, mixers, speakers, and accessories.

We continue to expand our product lines in order to provide more selection of musical instruments & accessories to everyone. 

Our Dealers
Our product distribution will cover the whole of Zimbabwe through our extensive dealer network. Currently we have dealers located in Harare. We continue to work aggressively to expand our dealer network nationwide. 

Where the Pros Shop
When you shop at Tropical Sound & Music, you'll be joining today's top pros. Most of the local musicians frequently buy from our shop.